The ability to make timely decisions based on a real-time view of your mobile workforce can drive new efficiencies for business across a range of industries. Whether it's a dispatcher communicating delivery instructions over push-to-talk (PTT), a construction worker receiving message bursts from a speaker without interrupting the work at hand, or a hospitality administrator managing workloads through a visual PTT map, enhanced push-to-talk-enabled workforce management solutions can streamline processes and improve communication. In industries where time is of the essence and communication is critical, there’s no better time to learn more about integrated Workforce Management and EPTT.

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AT&T’s 10-City Workforce Management Roadshow took the show on the road to bring the latest information on integrated Workforce Management and EPTT to the following cities: New York; Atlanta; San Antonio; New Orleans (Lafayette); Dallas; Chicago, san Juan, Puerto Rico; Los Angeles, San Ramon, CA; and Seattle (Redmond).