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Alan See

Chief Marketing Officer, Alan See CMO Temps, LLC

Alan See knows social media.  In fact, Social Media Marketing Magazine currently ranks him as the 3rd most followed CMO on Twitter.  Even more than that, he has a strong grasp of how to use platforms and tools like Twitter, Linkedin, TweetDeck and many others to bring his strategic marketing plans to life.

LinkedIn considers Alan one of it’s earliest members making him a true social media pioneer.  He is also an AT&T alum and guest blogger.

Alan describes social media as an extension of word of mouth.  He says that social media gives the power to everyone to have a voice, whether they use it or not.  Yet, even if we have a voice, it is most important today to listen to what customers are saying.

Trust is a key factor in any customer relationship.  Alan shared a great formula that he uses which states that Trust = (Rapport X Credibility) / Risk.  He communicates that rapport and builds credibility in his blogging.  Doing this on a consistent, regular basis reduces risk for customers where he is interacting.

You will gain a lot as you read the posts from Alan.  He has been blogging for many years and he knows the importance of communicating value in his content.  You owe it to yourself and your career to regularly read what Alan See writes about and communicates.  Consider his work required reading for today’s socially savvy professional.


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