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Gloria Jernigan is a woman in touch with what is hot in today’s market — Mobility!  Her current position is Field Marketing in the Signature Client Group, supporting the Energy vertical.

This 30 year veteran of AT&T supports not only mobile, but also wired applications in the energy vertical.  In all these areas she sees tremendous opportunities for mobile deployment of new technologies.

Not only does she recommend mobile applications for others, she uses a lot of mobile applications herself.  If you get to know her, you’ll find out about her love of Backgammon as an app for her iPad 2.  She also likes to shop and uses many applications with shopping, including the 2D bar code from Starbucks.

Gloria uses social media for marketing and has some sage advice for those interested in starting social media who feel overwhelmed.  “Crawl before you walk,” she says.  “Start with Twitter, get an account, see how it all works and begin using it slowly.”  These words of advice can be very helpful as one gets started in this fast-changing world of social media.

Gloria Jernigan has a deep knowledge of not just mobile applications, but how they are and can be used in practical, real-world situations.  We are proud to have her on board with Networking Exchange Blog and look forward to her posts.


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