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Barb White

Director of Healthcare Solutions, AT&T

Barb White

“In my career I have been blessed to have roles that allowed me to use technology to solve market problems.” Barb White shares that quotation and it symbolizes the optimistic and professional service attitude she lives.  Barb is a Director of Healthcare Solutions for AT&T and is based in Dallas, Texas. She has been with AT&T for 3 years.

Barbara White knows healthcare IT. She has a strong understanding of medical imaging, which is being used in a wide variety of capacities now including mobile. She has a lot of excitement as she describes the tangible, cost-saving and life-enhancing benefits of such activities as clinician viewing of medical images on mobile devices. Using technology to help people is what she has done for the past 13 years in this industry.

Barb enjoys technology for her personal and her family’s use through her new iPad. She says it is largely used for family entertainment in the form of video and her Facebook app to stay in touch with family and friends.  The iPad with video makes for a good companion for her son when taking long trips. She particularly enjoys the video features on the new iPad saying the video quality “is really crisp and you can see a difference.”

As many of us do, Barb enjoys her Smartphone and iPad, but has a strong admiration for other technologies that many don’t mention. She loves Wi-Fi and VPN for the freedom that combination gives her to get her work done. Yes, she enjoys helpful gadgets, but she also appreciates the enabling services that make technology practical and imminently useful.

We welcome Barbara White aboard the Networking Exchange Blog and look forward to her insights in the ever-important and fast-changing world of technology and healthcare.

Barb White

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