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Bill Landon

Retail Desktop Field Operations, AT&T

Bill Landon

Bill Landon is an RDFO Communications Specialist at AT&T Mobility. An acronym for Retail Desktop Field Operation, an “RDFO” Communications Specialist supports the infrastructure of AT&T network-owned stores. That infrastructure?

  • Telephony,
  • point-of-sale,
  • network,
  • field coordination,
  • as well as build, support, and tear down.

Explains Landon: “My primary role is the IT support of the store, and I often find myself coming up with out of the box solutions to achieve that goal.”

It’s part of Landon’s job to stay up-to-date on technology trends and consider how those trends can benefit AT&T’s network-owned stores, their customers and the businesses they serve. For instance, Landon has a laptop, but has rarely used it in the past year—“except for synchronization and Cisco console work,” he says. Nothing against his laptop, but tablet PCs and smartphones like the Motorola ATRIX “have a lot of good business tools,” he notes. He uses his iPad as a digital whiteboard and has his eye on near field communications (NFC) and the ability for merchants—even one-person outfits—to accept payment via a mobile device. “Your office will be your phone,” he says, “all you’ll have to do is slide the [credit] card.”

Landon is also a big fan of Augmented Reality (AR). Not so much for its “wow” factor in gaming (although that is impressive), but for what AR, when combined with the mobility and computing power of a smartphone, does to the idea of maps, weather forecasts, hotel booking, diagrams of transportation systems—even trying on sunglasses online. As smartphones become more ubiquitous, so will remote cameras and mobile telepresence, predicts Landon. “It’s something to watch for,” he says. “Virtual meetings in an HD environment.”

Laptops aren’t the only technology Landon has semi-retired. Device convergence led him to “eliminate cable” and go “HuluPlus and Netflix on the Xbox” he says. And the eBook? It changed his life. “Before the eBook, I read a book a year,” he notes. “Now I find myself reading a couple of books a month.” Landon’s hot topics? Quantum physics and science.

Prior to joining AT&T in 1999, Landon worked in retail management—the brick and mortar kind. But the lure of “technology, computers, gadgets and network stuff” led him to AT&T. When he’s not dreaming up ways to use new technologies to solve business problems, Landon can be found biking the trails near his Redmond, WA home, keeping his 7-year old son busy at the aquarium or zoo, or working on his 1987 Carerra Targa Porsche.

Bill Landon

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