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Brody Lapworth

Marketing Manager, AT&T

Brody Lapworth

Brody Lapworth began her telecommunications career on the financial side of the business. With a degree in economics from Indiana’s DePauw University, she “ran investments” for Indiana Bell. Over the last two decades, Indiana Bell morphed into Ameritech, which later became SBC Communications and ultimately AT&T. Along the way, Lapworth picked up her MBA, and a specialty in marketing. “My career is not a straight line,” she says. “It’s interesting how things build on each other.”

These days, Lapworth, Marketing Manager, AT&T, focuses on the government sector, specifically the sustainability piece of mobile applications. Not only do mobile solutions increase efficiencies and save money, explains Lapworth, they also offer a strong sustainability component. For example, mobile-to-mobile [M2M] communication is revolutionizing fleet logistics and giving those employees access to tools and back-end systems that make them more effective in the field. It also means a reduction in fuel costs, emissions, paper, and travel time.

Government agencies are faced with unprecedented budget cuts that are forcing them to make big changes to their business models. They want to make wise decisions about how best to make those changes. Lapworth believes mobile solutions offer a “two-fer,” she says. “They reduce costs and help the environment. Both are things constituents want government to do.

Lapworth, who uses an iPhone and an iPad, recognizes the power of handheld devices. Recently, she was looking for a highly recommended hamburger stand in Evanston, IL when she got lost. She Googled the address and located the restaurant instantly.It makes life so much easier,” she says of mobile solutions.

And that hamburger? “It was the best,” Lapworth says.

Brody Lapworth

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