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Cara Knight

Marketing Manager, AT&T Unified Communications

Cara Knight

Cara Knight is a long time AT&T advocate who has two prominent passions: 1) Technology and 2) Helping Customers.  She is a woman who understands a lot about how to use technology to solve customers’ problems.

One of Cara’s greatest advantages is her ability to listen to the problems that are facing customers and then carefully craft a solution for them.  She knows a lot of technologies, including Unified Communications very well and is able to translate that knowledge into practical, real-world solutions.  She loves helping to put “the pieces of the puzzle together” for customers.

She has written before for Networking Exchange Blog. She sees technology, including Unified Communications, as a vehicle to empower people to do their job faster and more efficiently.

One of the technologies she has enjoyed   is the iPhone, where apps are available at a beckon call and provided through a virtual experience.  This fits with her vision of the future to have multiple portable “dumb devices” which can tie into the Cloud for needed resources.  Her vision is that with these “dumb devices”.  You will simply need a login and id. The devices will be able to access all the information either a consumer or business needs at any time, from anywhere in the world through a well-managed infrastructure run by competent professionals.  Sounds like a dream come true — because it is!

Cara, it is good to have you on board with us at Networking Exchange Blog.  We look forward to your insights and wisdom as you share about new technologies, new ways to use existing technologies and other ideas that will inspire us.

Cara Knight

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