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Catherine Scaramuzzi

Senior Product Marketing Manager, AT&T

Catherine Scaramuzzi

As Senior Product Marketing Manager, Catherine is an integral part of AT&T’s Marketing Communications Organization. She is responsible for delivering the hosting, cloud and application management of AT&T’s messaging and external communications.

An AT&T veteran of more than a decade, Catherine brings eight years of experience in AT&T’s Pricing group, where she had the opportunity to meet people throughout the business and interact directly with customers. In this role, Catherine learned about a large spectrum of AT&T business products – from wireline to wireless. She gained an appreciation for having a positive attitude and honed her problem-solving abilities.

Catherine’s personal strength rests in relationship building. In today’s business environment, success is not an individual task. Catherine says that success is much more likely – and more fun – when we build relationships with others, contributing and combining our unique skills.

Catherine’s areas of experience include finance, business networks, sales support, in addition to local, long distance, and wireless pricing support. She is excited to share her experience with the blogging community, where others who are passionate about telecom and wireless can read what is currently intriguing to her – all in less than 500 words.

In addition to her corporate experience, Catherine holds a BA in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA in management from the University of Texas in San Antonio.

A natural at creating new solutions and ideas, Catherine enjoys sewing, cake decorating, and crocheting. At home, as well as in business, she embraces the opportunity to turn nothing into something through discovering how the pieces fit together. To satisfy her competitive streak, Catherine also participates in long-distance running with friends. An avid reader, she enjoys both fiction and nonfiction – with Pride and Prejudice and The Adversity Advantage at the top of her favorite books’ list.

Catherine Scaramuzzi

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