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Chris Johnston

Product Management, Network-Ready Devices, AT&T

Chris Johnston

Chris Johnston has over 18 years of experience in product marketing for wireless technology, mobile computing, telematics and RFID (radio-frequency identification).  As a senior manager in ABS (AT&T Business Solutions), Chris works on the other side of the business from the smart phones that consumers buy. He is responsible for the management of the large portfolio of devices available through third-party vendors and approved for use on the AT&T network, devices such as:

  • fleet tracking/asset tracking systems
  • rugged handheld units
  • security/alarm systems
  • smart grid/utility meters.

Being ideal for machine-to-machine (M2M) and line-of-business applications, these Network-Ready Devices are used for solutions such as fleet management, alarm monitoring, telematics, remote monitoring, and more. The expectation is that this area will be the industry’s growth engine in the near term. However, Chris isn’t just thinking about the near term. He’s looking ahead to opportunities such as the implementation of the smart grid, innovations such as computing devices that can smoothly and reliably understand speech, and the day augmented reality becomes a transparent part of our lives.

When asked what changes he saw for mobility in the next three or four years, Chris said, “Now that mobile devices have effective sensors and high-speed wireless communications, I think augmented reality will transparently become a part of our lives. By transparently, I mean that we won’t necessarily think of the features as augmented reality.  One of many examples includes leveraging a smartphone’s camera, GPS and digital compass to give a user useful information about what they are seeing on the screen, such as street names, building names, geologic formations, museum objects, etc.”

Opportunities, innovations, and industry guidance?  Mr.  Johnston has a visionary’s perspective on the future of mobility.

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Chris Johnston

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