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Christopher Rice

Assistant Vice President at AT&T Labs Research

Christopher Rice

His areas of research include broadband wireless network architectures and frameworks, IMS service platforms research, network performance and measurement research, application management research, and new IP services research. He has helped successfully launch three services into the marketplace based on his research. Mr. Rice has over 20 patents in his name and in 2005, was awarded the AT&T Distinguished Scientist Award.

In 1995, Mr. Rice joined then AT&T Bell Labs to focus on wireless and broadband communication systems. He worked on satellite communication systems, broadband data communication systems, and led development efforts for a digital radio-based, pico-cellular base-station, which provided in-building, mobile voice communication on standard cellular phones.

Mr. Rice graduated Summa Cum Laude from Virginia Tech with a BSEE/MSEE and completed his MBA from the University of Central Florida while working full-time. He performed post-graduate work with the WINLAB Center of Wireless Excellence at Rutgers University and received a Graduate Certificate in Wireless Information Networks.

Christopher Rice

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