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Curlis Phillip

Senior Marketing Manager, Advanced Mobility Solutions

Curlis Phillip

The class in business school that intrigued Curlis Phillip most was strategic planning. “It’s one thing to have an idea,” explains Phillip, a Senior Marketing Manager for AT&T Business Solutions, “but to really flesh it out, put legs on it, and have realistic goals … well, that’s another matter.” When it comes to IT, there’s no shortage of ideas, but there’s not always a clear plan to go from idea to reality.

Curlis loves helping enterprise and small business customers find ways to enhance business processes with mobile technology.  She recognizes the increased importance of mobility in today’s fast-changing environment.  For many organizations, a mobile strategy isn’t just about increased productivity; it’s an essential part of their growth plan and competitive advantage. Curlis enjoys the challenge of helping others understand how to gain a strategic advantage by deploying mobile solutions, while maintaining top-notch security.

Curlis, who grew up in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands, admits she pines for home during the Washington, D.C. winters, but she enjoys her job and believes in the potential of mobile technologies to transform the enterprise, as well as areas like government, education, and healthcare.

Curlis earned an MBA from Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business and a bachelor’s degree in International Business from College of Notre Dame in Maryland.

She looks forward to crafting blog posts on mobility and other technologies that empower people to get more done from just about anywhere.

Curlis Phillip

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