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Dave Johnson

Lead Service Market Development Manager, AT&T

Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson has over 20 years’ experience working within IT- integrating networks, applications and data center solutions.  Currently, he is a Product Manager with AT&T’s Cloud Solutions organization.  In this capacity he is responsible for the ongoing development of AT&T Synaptic Compute-as-a-Service, which delivers on-demand compute resources to the enterprise.

Dave is very passionate about not selling products as a “one size fits all” to customers.  Instead, he sees a strong competitive advantage from helping craft and mold specific solutions for each customer’s unique situation.  He sees enormous opportunities in tying mobile-based solutions into Cloud-based structures to solve real-world business problems.  “Hardware is irrelevant,” he says, for today.  What matters is blending the right combination of tools (mobile devices, Cloud-based options and security) into a creative solution that keeps customers loyal.

He knows that reliability is important in business and life.  He chuckles when he talks about it as it reminds him of his enthusiasm as an off-road adventurer.  He knows the importance of bringing extra belts and hoses on road trips.  He’s been known to bring duct tape now and then to fix other problems!  He takes this “be prepared” philosophy into the business world to help clients have a safe and viable solution for their business needs.

We welcome Dave Johnson as an author to the Networking Exchange Blog.  His insights will be able to help our readers learn about creative solutions to solve their unique issues.

Dave Johnson

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