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Jeff Morgan

Lead Product Marketing Manager, AT&T

Jeff Morgan

Jeff Morgan is your classic Renaissance man.  He is well versed in many areas.  He demonstrates this by blending his interest in computer programming (JavaScript, Objective C, Visual Basic, PHP, Perl and others), love of the English language (he was an English teacher) and his love of technology into blogging.

Jeff has worked with AT&T for 11 years and is currently a Lead Product Marketing Manager.  Even as we spoke, he was working on a new Cloud-based product that will bring solutions to customers.  He has devoted much of his professional career to helping customers find the right solution for their unique needs.  This “find the best solution” attitude comes through in his writing for our Networking Exchange Blog.

Did I mention that Jeff loves technology?  Well, he certainly does and he loves his iPad most.  He uses it for reading and a number of activities.  It is particularly good for him at home allowing him to get work done from his office in the basement as well as upstairs.  Because of the enabling power of mobility, he is able to work from just about anywhere!

Jeff Morgan is sure to bring some delightful posts here on the Blog.  We welcome him aboard and look forward to the wonderful reading adventures we’ll be able to experience from this Renaissance man.

Jeff Morgan

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