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Jennifer Young

Director, Marketing Communications-Security Solutions, AT&T

Jennifer Young

When it comes to technology, Jennifer Young doesn’t consider herself an early adopter. But once she makes the plunge, she makes up for lost time. When she (finally) traded in her flip phone for an iPhone 4 in October of 2010, she fell hard. “I’m obsessed,” she says about her new phone. “I’m going to have to switch to a larger plan.”

Young has a background rooted in marketing and communications, and she’s no stranger to technology. She worked in the Wi-Fi group before moving into VoIP in early 2010 and considers VoIP “tomorrow’s technology.” “It’s exciting to see how it’s changing the way we do business,” she says. “No matter where you are, you can be reached.”

As attached as Young has become to her iPhone 4, she remembers how heavy and thick her first college laptop was compared to today’s models, and she realizes it won’t take long for the current crop of smartphones to suffer the fate of her inaugural laptop. She can partially blame AT&T: technological advances and innovations the company is working on—integrating data and voice into a single network, cloud-based solutions, mobile applications, unified communications, merging wired with wireless (to name a few)—are technologies that are changing the way we communicate and collaborate.

Her former flip phone aside, Young appreciates a device with some power. She doesn’t understand why people choose to use individual devices (like an eReader) versus opting for a converged device (like an iPad). “Why not something more robust?” she asks.

Young is excited about the business side of VoIP, the solutions available, the opportunities to offer “a converged platform,” enabling further communications applications, economies of scale for the customer, etc.

Young realizes that not everyone fully understands VoIP, especially on the enterprise side—and she’s ready to start a dialogue about how the technology can enhance the ways in which business gets done.

Jennifer Young

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