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Jim Knopka

Lead Channel Manager, GEM Field Marketing Solutions, AT&T

Jim Knopka

An AT&T veteran for over 29 years, Jim Knopka is a Field Marketing Manager focusing on Cyber Security technology solutions for state & local governments.  Working with governments has let Jim know that it is imperative for them to “do more, with less”, while at the same time protecting citizen data.

This technology and customer savvy manager sees the power of using mobile technology and the internet for government employees.  Mobility empowers them to accomplish the “do more with less” mandate that is regularly voiced.  They are able to get more of their work done from just about anywhere, saving time and resources while serving taxpayers better.  And enabling citizen access to government and services is just good business. A common example is being able to a driver’s license via the internet rather than by making a trip to a government office.

Personally, Jim sees the trends of being “always connected” and the benefits of that from his own experience connecting with his son, who is attending college in another state.  Jim also enjoys the benefits of the GPS applications found on many Smartphones today.

With a rich background steeped in areas like security, toll fraud project management , Voice offer management, and call center management , Jim Knopka brings a lot of experience to his role as an author with us at Networking Exchange Blog.  We welcome him aboard and look forward to his insightful posts in a variety of areas.

Jim Knopka

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