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John Arkontaky

Research Analyst, Nemertes Research

John Arkontaky

John Arkontaky is a Research Analyst with Nemertes Research, where he conducts primary research and develops research in the areas of wireless and mobile devices, services, applications, and management strategies.

John graduated from SUNY Cortland in 2005, earning a dual Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and English. During this time, John functioned as an Op-Ed writer for the college newspaper and tutored for English Composition. Since then, John’s name has headlined articles in both print and digital media.

His first byline came out of a freelance position at a local newspaper in White Plains, NY, where he wrote business profiles for local entrepreneurs among other assignments. Later, he spearheaded digital asset management as an editor at Electronic Design magazine and freelanced for various clients who called upon his skills and expertise to deliver an assortment of articles in a multitude of technology markets.

Having explored technology markets including mobile, social and Web applications, software, and the video game industry among other markets as a journalist, John offers a diverse background in technology in both B2B and consumer-facing media. John’s background offers a unique perspective on various emerging trends in mobile enterprise, such as consumerization and BYOD.

John Arkontaky

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