Josh Heard Marketing Manager AT&T

Josh Heard is a man who could be called, “Mr. Mobility.”  He knows --- and loves --- mobile technology.  His title is Marketing Manager for the State & Local Government focusing on Mobilizing Government.  In that role he gets to assist many government entities in helping taxpayers with their government requirements.

Being a mobile “nerd” (his term) he enjoys using his iPad 2.  He admits that much of it is for consumption of books, videos and other data, but it has some good business applications as well.

Josh loves to look to what is coming in the future.  He coined the term “Mobilizing Everything” which he describes as automating many of the tasks that are done now by hand.  As security awareness and technology increases, he sees uses for mobile devices for more payment, vehicle tracking and a host of ways to make life easier, particularly for state and local governments.  Yes, “Mr. Mobility” is always thinking of ways to make life better using the right technology in the right way.

For the future, Josh, envisions more coming with NFC (Near Field Communication).  This will help with processing payments and a host of applications --- many of which have not been invented yet.  But, you can rest assured that as these new developments become more common, Josh Heard will be investigating and exploring their practical uses.

That is just one of many reasons why you’ll want to follow Josh Heard as a new author here on the Networking Exchange Blog.  Welcome aboard, Josh!  Glad to have you join us.

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