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Lee Sheehan

Senior Marketing Manager, AT&T

Lee Sheehan

Lee Sheehan is from the Chicago area and is a 17 year veteran of AT&T who has a background and degree in Finance, so he understands technical and financial issues of today.  His experience at AT&T has helped him to expand from the technical details of finance and now includes technology related to Ethernet, VPN, LANs and WANs.

Lee has a strong command of the power of Ethernet, WAN Acceleration and Managed Sourcing.  In his position today he helps customers with Ethernet, IP Transport Layer 2, LAN and WAN transport and equipment.  When businesses are looking for answers to data integration and maximization of possibilities, he is able to recommend and present the right solutions.

Rather than offer a “one size fits all” answer, Lee says he enjoys talking with customers and sales teams while listening to their specific needs.  , He draws from his broad knowledge of VPLS, Ethernet (both dedicated and switched Ethernet) and Managed Sourcing to provide optimal solutions that are designed for each specific need.

This approach is particularly good for the development of customer communications, articles, blogging and video’s.  Lee is able to take specific topics and then customize each post into a form that makes the most sense for a specific need.

Lee now works closely with customers, Sales, Product Management and Industry Analysts to help  develop scalable solutions that fit the needs of the market.  This is particularly good for small,  medium and large businesses who can start with a network as low as 2MB and expand it up to 10GB where necessary.  Scalability, acceleration and a managed partner is key for growth today and Lee continues to help these markets achieve what is right for their long-term growth.

Lee is an engaging, approachable problem-solver who understands  technology and is able to adapt it to meet the needs of real-world customers in their day-to-day needs.

Lee Sheehan

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