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Lon Hickman

Marketing Manager, VPN Portfolio, AT&T

Lon Hickman

Lon Hickman is a Marketing Manager, VPN Portfolio, with AT&T and has worked for 16 years in sales and marketing capacities.  His Marketing degree is from Auburn University.

Professionally he is most interested in deal shaping, negotiations and technology trends.  These key areas are important as Lon likes to work with customers in the area of convergence.  He sees all of these areas blending together to help customers solve problems and achieve the solutions they want.

To illustrate his excitement about technology and how it can help customers, Lon shared with me his story of a recent experience he had in Istanbul, Turkey.  He was visiting the Grand Bazaar there where they happened to have Wi-Fi.

It was while he was there that he realized it was time, back in the States, when his children would go to school.  Since he had his iPhone 4 with him — equipped with Facetime — he called his children and they were able to see each other.  His son had lost a tooth the night before.  Through technology Lon was able to talk with his son about that experience and see where he had lost that first tooth.  This is just one example of how technology can bring us closer as human beings, according to Lon.

That ability to see the advantages of technology for people makes Lon’s blog writing very refreshing and real.  As he looks forward to IPv6 he sees a lot of further ways where technology can help people accomplish more.

We look forward to hearing about his insights in future blog posts.

Lon Hickman

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