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Monica Liming-Hu

Associate Director, Billing Integrity & Contract Implementation, Finance Billing Operations, AT&T

Monica Liming-Hu

In 1989, Liming-Hu left the Midwest for what she thought would be a six-month assignment in New Jersey. It’s 2013 and she’s still there. “It’s been a long six months,” says Liming-Hu, whose AT&T career has traversed territory from small business to enterprise data services products. She’s armed with a master’s degree in International Management and a background in Marketing.

While the Networking Exchange Blog is Liming-Hu’s first foray into blogging, it’s not her first crack at writing.  Liming-Hu is also a contributing author to the AT&T Insider as well as writes fiction (under two separate pen names). She has authored several manuscripts and is a regular at writer’s conferences and workshops in her free time.

Liming-Hu’s blogs span several topic areas of interest; Technology, Sustainability, International, Marketing and Social Media.

Monica Liming-Hu

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