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Ron Batra

Director Product Development, Cloud Computing Development, AT&T

Ron Batra

Ron Batra’s job at AT&T is to think “Cloud.” In particular, to think about Platform as a Service, or PaaS. In that role, Batra works with AT&T partners to ensure that Cloud Computing systems can communicate with each other.

Cloud Computing may be all the rage these days, but Batra cautions that converting to the cloud requires forethought and patience. “To take everything we’ve done for the last 10 to 20 years outside of the cloud and bring it to the cloud is a gradual journey,” he says. “It takes time and there are a lot of things to think about—like security.” Moving entire systems, such as a supply chain application once accessed via Intranet, to a Cloud platform where it can be accessed via the Internet, is no easy task.

One of the biggest reasons this is difficult to do, notes Batra, is the variety of hypervisors, or programs that allow multiple operating systems to share a single hardware host. “A lot of tech players have their own hypervisors,” explains Batra. “It’s not unlike the mid-1990s, when there were 10 different flavors of UNIX. If we install one flavor of UNIX [a multitasking, multi-user computer operating system], that code won’t always work with another. That story is being repeated in cloud.” To get these systems to talk on more than a rudimentary level, Cloud Computing hybrid models become important. They “define ways for clouds to work with each other,” says Batra. He believes that the Cloud Computing space may take a few years to reach maturity – perhaps in five years.

Batra, who writes a personal blog in addition to contributing to the AT&T Networking Exchange Blog, considers himself a “Holistic Tech Whisperer. Like dog behavioral specialist Cesar Millan, known for his uncanny ability to find solutions for problem dogs, Batra is able to take complicated technology issues and provide answers that work within the goals of the organization.

Batra does own a dog, Sammy, but he is a well-behaved golden retriever that serves as Batra’s running companion at his home in Austin, TX. Batra also runs half-marathons, road-bikes and likes to cook for his family and friends. His specialties include fusion dishes, Indian Tandoori Chicken, and BBQ. Batra is also an Oracle ACE Director and Fusion Middleware SIG Chair. He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and a M.S. in Industrial Engineering.

Ron Batra

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