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Stacey Lange

Academic Dean, Walker Elementary School

Stacey Lange

Stacey Lange is an Academic Dean at Walker Elementary School and is part of the instructional services team for the West Allis–West Milwaukee School District. She is a learning, educator effectiveness, achievement accountability professional.  Stacey Lange graduated with honors from Alverno College in 2008 with a degree in Education and a minor in computing and information technology. She has always had a love for technology and continues to find ways to integrate technology into education.

In her work at Walker Elementary School in West Allis, Stacey Lange has demonstrated copious evidence of her strengths as an educator.  In her years of classroom experience, she has not only shown a capacity to reach and teach young children deeply and broadly, but also the capacity to mentor colleagues and to co-create environments of learning that engage learners and nurture their knowledge and skills through problem solving, critical thinking, and creative use of technology.

Her district, West Allis-West Milwaukee, is part of the Next Generation Learning Initiative, an effort that involves working to transform learning.  Stacey Lange has been involved from the beginning in making it happen in her school. Through this initiative, her innovative work and that of her team and school contribute to a wider effort to rethink how to create new models of learning environments and, indeed, of learning itself.  Thus, her impact goes beyond the learning of children at Walker to influence other schools, teachers, and districts in Wisconsin and around the world.

Stacey recently received the Celebrate Teachers & Teaching Award from the Education Deans of Greater Milwaukee for her outstanding teaching and exemplary work in an urban school. When she is not at work, she spends time with her husband and two children.

Stacey Lange

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