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Sybil Fitzpatrick

Lead Product Marketing Communications, AT&T

Sybil Fitzpatrick

Sybil Fitzpatrick has been with AT&T for over 15 years and has worked in Telecom for over 20 years. Although she started out in the Arts (including a stint in Stand- up Comedy), she just “gets” it when it comes to Communications Technology. She fully embraces her true inner nerd when it comes to IT.

Her current role is in Marketing Communications as an Adoption Advocate. She helps users adopt collaboration technologies like AT&T Telepresence Solution ® and Healthcare Community Online.  She is loves helping customers get the most out of their service while showing them how to become more efficient and cost effective at the same time.

Sybil is particularly excited about the power of mobile devices today and is looking forward to seeing how everything will become integrated in the not too distant future.   She never leaves home without her iPhone which has about 20GB of music on it and her Kindle which allows her to read 2 or 3 books at any given time.

Sybil Fitzpatrick has a diverse background that allows her to not only handle technology writing, but keeps it fun!

Sybil Fitzpatrick

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