Bill Danskin eBusiness Director AT&T
Bill Danskin is the Director of AT&T eBusiness based in New Jersey.  He has been with AT&T for 30 years in a variety of sales and marketing functions. Currently, Bill’s assignment is to help customers use AT&T online tools to streamline their business processes.  He helps them to achieve savings in their business by automating tasks that were tedious and time-consuming before.  He uses a variety of tools to help achieve those business results spanning both wireless and wireline services. While he holds a Bachelor’s degree from Marietta College in Ohio, with a major in history, Bill has a number of wide ranging interests.  These include music, painting, mathematics, codes, Gothic literature and….golf.  He also holds a  fascination with several historical periods such as the Napoleonic era.  He sees a lot of good examples which leaders in business today can learn from Napoleon and other great leaders of the past.  He related to me how Napoleon was able to master minute details and executed his battles leveraging a sound knowledge of mathematical principles. Bill sees a lot of application of those types of principles for business leaders today. Bill regularly uses Twitter (@Bill_d1) and LinkedIn to stay in touch with the world.  These tools help him to keep a handle on what is happening with people in his circle of influence.  He also has seen YouTube being used more and more in business for posting training videos and how-to examples to help customers with some AT&T portals. Based on his wide ranging interests, and his love of the principles from leaders of yesteryear, we’ll look forward to a lot of good posts from Bill Danskin on the Networking Exchange Blog.  Welcome aboard, Bill.  Glad to have you with us.

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