Hsuan-hua is originally from Taiwan and has been in the United States since 1981. During her 16 years with AT&T, she has grown to love both Cloud Computing and Social Media. Her broad based background, interest in technology and business all combine to make her an ideal author with us on the Networking Exchange Blog.

Hsuan-hua has been in blogging since 2005 doing her own blog (CoachSeattle.com) where she talks about business coaching and leadership coaching. She recently (2012) received her MBA from the University of Washington, where she learned more about leadership and how the right tools can help leaders of today and tomorrow make more informed decisions.

Her favorite old technology is Web 1.0 and her favorite new technology is Web 2.0.   She feels that Web 2.0 differs from Web 1.0 in that originally the web was more about broadcasting and sending a message. Today, particularly with social media, the emphasis is on interaction and sharing. “Web 2.0 is about two-way communication and relationships as well as self expression.”

As Hsuan-hua does this on her own Blog, she will be able to share concepts and ideas with us here at the Networking Exchange Blog. We welcome her on board and look forward to learning from her about the Cloud, Mobility and Leadership and how all of these are blended into Web 2.0.