It seems like overnight apps have become the driving force behind enterprise communications.
More and more, we use apps to transact with vendors, suppliers, and customers in what has become an increasingly complex network of connections. But do you know how safe those apps really are?

Because apps have proliferated so rapidly, app-related security measures have been more of an afterthought than a primary concern. I’ve seen firsthand the pressure for application developers to prioritize time to market and functionality over security. This creates a target-rich environment for hackers looking to exploit the next ‘big thing’—and the time is now for businesses to proactively uncover and prevent vulnerabilities in their business critical applications.

For those of you who aren’t convinced, let’s take a look at the damage an app-related security breach can do. A publicized application security incident could play out in a series of ways, including:


1. Lost Productivity: Recovering systems, investigating the compromise, even working with law enforcement; all things that would drain time and resources intended for other initiatives.

2. Damaged Image: Like any breach, an app-related incident could undermine customer confidence, negatively affecting the brand and, ultimately, consumer purchase decisions.

3. Decreased Efficiency: Getting back to “Business as Usual” can be greatly disruptive across the enterprise, not just in the technological space, but also in departments such as public relations, marketing and legal.

4. Lost Revenue: If your site or app is unavailable, lost transactions are inevitable.

5. Increased Expenses: According to a March 2011 study by the Ponemon Institute, losses averaged $7.2M per breach. Ouch.

Clearly, a smart organization is one that gets its application security straightened out sooner rather than later. And because there’s so much to consider—app security in the cloud, for mobility, and for hosting—tapping into expert services to ensure security is the action of choice for most.

For an expert discussion on app security risks, be sure to register for our upcoming, free webinar, How Safe are Your Apps?: Understanding App Security. You’ll find tips on what you need to assess, develop, and how to implement a secure app infrastructure. Of course, AT&T offers superior application security services, so explore our Enterprise Business website to learn more about our long history of successful security consulting.

Thanks for stopping by, but before you go, I’m curious…have you already taken steps to lock down your app security? If so, what? I’m always interested in how people are responding to the rapidly evolving frontier of application security. I’d love to hear your comments—please share them below.