Build a Better Business Case for UCA growing number of information workers are regularly working outside of the office. Your business can’t afford to rely solely on “plain old” phone calls and emails — to stay ahead of its fast-moving competitors, your firm needs a better, more immediate way to find and connect remote and distributed teams of co-workers, suppliers, and partners.

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UC deployments mean that employees can quickly locate the right resource to get to a decision faster. For example, implementing a UC solution for a sales team at an IT consultancy reduced the time it took to produce complex RFP responses by 20%, which helped the firm respond to more RFPs. UC rollouts typically: 1) reduce carrier communications expenses by 30% to 40%; 2) save 10% to 15% on trunking costs by centralizing trunking; 3) reduce infrastructure costs by using virtual machines running on standard servers; and 4) eliminate duplicative collaboration and communication software license costs.