Machine-to-Machine (M2M) has come a long way. Only a few short years ago customers were quick to dismiss M2M (also known as “The Internet of Things”) as too complicated. Today customers are deploying these solutions in a growing variety of applications.

For example, AT&T recently announced an alliance with IBM to develop “Smart Cities” solutions that capture and analyze data from a wide range of devices, including utility meters, subway trains and traffic lights. Each produces real-time data that can be used to dynamically shape urban planning and manage city budgets.

AT&T has also joined forces with GE to develop M2M solutions and global network capabilities that will help GE monitor and service products like electric meters, jet engines and wind turbines virtually anywhere in the world. GE’s CEO, Jeff Immelt, said AT&T’s global SIM capabilities had a lot to do with GE’s decision to enter into this alliance.

Strategic alliances like these open up opportunities to innovate and deliver an expanding array of Machine-to-Machine applications to customers worldwide.

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