Every so often in history, we get to witness a true revolution in the way people communicate and connect.  That was what happened with the first written language.  It profoundly changed the way people communicated.

History saw a similar revolution occur with Gutenberg’s printing press.  It changed forever the way we communicated with others and connected as human beings.  Of course we saw similar changes with radio and television.  We take these media for granted today, but think of what it was like for people to realize they could hear someone’s voice from thousands of miles away.  When television came into being it was an amazing feat to see live moving pictures of people across the world.

Today we are experiencing Social Media changing our world.  Once we’ve gone past the “My cat sleeping” kind of notes on Twitter and the “Standing in line to get a hamburger” type of messages, we begin to see the power.  Social Media is changing the very fabric of our society and the world’s preferred way of communicating.

We’ve seen the power of Social Media when governments try to curtail communication.  They have shut down newspapers, television & radio broadcasts and have even tried to silence the Internet.  Yet, people remain determined to connect and Social Media emerges like water which has been damed up finds a way around, through, over or under the blockage.

A few weeks ago, when the Department of Homeland Security conducted a nation-wide Emergency Broadcasting System test, they were faulted that they didn’t use Social Media enough. Yes, we are living in the midst of a powerful communication change in today’s world.

Here at Networking Exchange Blog, we have put together several posts that deal directly with Social Media and how it is making an impact for your business and your career.  Our focus is on business so you’re going to get serious, business results from reading these posts.  We take the necessary effort to make sure you, as a busy professional, get succinct, hard-hitting information that produces business results for you.

Because Social Media is changing so rapidly, a traditional hardcover book about it, just doesn’t work.  Even paperback books are difficult to crank out fast enough to stay on top of what is happening in this blitzkrieg change.  A blog with updated posts, can give you a serious advantage in your work — quickly, when you need it.

You can view Networking Exchange Blog as a prime resource to distill the mass of information available to give you just what you need, in a way that fits your busy — and getting busier—- schedule.

Some Recommended Posts to Read (And Enjoy!) About Social Media

We have a special Holiday gift for you — a review of some great posts that can help you.  I encourage you to invest some learning and skill-enhancement efforts during this time of year which is, for some of us, a little slower paced than the rest of the year.  Now is a great time to improve your professional skills for the challenges that will come next year.  Read up on what is happening with Social Media and think about how you can apply what our authors have said to your career.

To that end, here are some posts I recommend you investigate.  Look through these recommendations and if you see something that seems particularly relevant to your needs, bounce over to see what they are saying.  Even more, I look forward to your comments.  You can leave them at the end of this section.  Your fellow readers will appreciate what you have to say.

Posts For Your Career Enhancement Location
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