Clients in need of roadside assistance call Road America’s 24-hour Response Centers, where Assistance Coordinators determine their needs and dispatch service providers. Rapid, accurate identification of the caller’s location is critical, yet stranded drivers don’t always know where they are. An existing solution relied on computer mapping programs that were updated quarterly. The result was sometimes lengthy telephone interactions with customers that delayed the dispatching of service providers increasing costs and lowering service quality and customer satisfaction. Its parent company MAPFRE initiated a search for a better way to locate drivers in need. Road America could envision the solution, but couldn’t find the technology to create it.

Working with AT&T, Road America launched its LocateMe® service, utilizing AT&T Location Information Services, as part of the incoming call process at Road America Response Centers.  This has reduced wait times for callers and helps service providers get there faster, increasing quality of service. And Road America has seen a decrease in average call time, which means Assistance Coordinators can move along faster to help the next caller.