Formula 1 racing is about to go through a seismic upheaval that will pile on the pressure in this already intense environment, where winning is about being the fastest both on and off the track. 2014 will see new rules that will transform the motor racing sport. The team is moving into unknown territory. Unlike recent years, historic data around car performance and design will be less relevant.

Infiniti Red Bull Racing must start from scratch – along with the rest of the F1 teams – building a new car prototype to fit the latest engine specifications. And yet, Infiniti Red Bull Racing — four-times winners of the FIA Formula 1 Driver and Constructor World Championship™ — is poised to maintain its competitive edge for the 2014 season, despite these massive changes.

AT&T is freeing the team to focus on the business of winning races.  An expansion of the agreement for AT&T to manage Infiniti Red Bull Racing’s network opens the door to close collaboration between the team’s 500+ workforce and its critical partners with quick data transfers between the team’s key locations.

In fact, the network will be five times as fast and widened to include critical locations at Renault, its engine manufacturer, and the team’s wind tunnel off-site from its HQ, joining the team’s Milton Keynes HQ in the UK and any one of the 20 race circuits around the world. This means the team can improve and upgrade the car during testing and actual race weekends without delay, for instance by file-sharing data-heavy CAD, audio and video files.

The next few months will be especially crucial for the team since it is currently developing and testing the 2014 season car, ensuring that its performance is of the highest standard before the first race weekend in March 2014.

We wish Infiniti Red Bull Racing every success for 2014 and are delighted to be a part of their outstanding story.