Not simply another device for IT to support, smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming a system of engagement that will deliver experiences and fuel business growth and innovation over the next decade. But enterprises seeking to climb to the pinnacle of mobility will have some serious decisions to make along the way. But the potential to deliver contextual, and therefore valuable, experiences that lift both productivity and loyalty is substantial, as is the promise of increased customer and brand value.

Read the November 2012 report from Forrester Research, Inc. and discover the benefits that await enterprises willing to take a sophisticated approach to solution development.

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To avoid mobile’s unintended consequences, CIOs will need balance to the immediate needs of business owners to build mobile apps against the long-range technology requirements of systems of engagement. Further, to build apps that successfully engage customers and partners, CIOs should guide the technology strategy and execution of all mobile projects, not just those focused on employees. The centerpiece of a CIO’s mobile strategy, then, is a mobile center of excellence that brings together business and IT stakeholders and staff to host the strategy and resources to deliver great mobile experiences.