What does it mean to be “always on?” If you are referring to a person or business, the phrase means that person or business can be reached anytime — like the 911 operator, the emergency room doctor, or a 24-hour dry cleaning store.

Technologically, “always on” refers to uptime. Highly responsive, highly available, and reliable uptime is often measured through a nines rating, where 99.999% or 5 nines is the universal yardstick goal. In the wireless world, “always on” represents a wireless device’s ability to constantly send or receive data. “Always on” is a characteristic of the unique physical protection that wireless backup offers.

Outages can unexpectedly occur due to backhoe damage, power failures, and floods, to name just a few causes of disruptions. When disruptions happen, the network can go down. If you aren’t prepared, valuable data may be lost. With wireless backup, failback to the primary connection occurs, helping to enable continued restoral and saving digital data that could have been lost.

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Knowing how important network reliability is to your business operations, we endowed our new AT&T Network Suite with virtually “always on” technology. This collection of integrated services features a reliable Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)-Virtual Private Network with wireless back-up included, helping to protect your business with an additional confidence of available connectivity. Plus, failover functionality, coupled with wireless connectivity, makes for cost-effective redundancy.

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Network services are better together

In addition to reliable connectivity for both fixed and mobile applications, the AT&T Network Suite offers:

  • A highly secure network to power all of your business applications
  • Future-ready technologies that can support and enable growth
  • Reduced complexity for managing your network
  • Flexible solutions that can enable your business to quickly adapt to emerging opportunities

AT&T Network Suite is comprised of services that are designed to work better together. What this means in terms of reliability is that your network is virtually “always on.” Like the convenience store up the street, your ATM, and the fitness club that’s always open, AT&T Network Suite is designed to meet your round-the-clock service needs.