With the increasing shift in the device landscape, the large variety of mobile platforms and devices, and the invasion of “prosumer” devices, the need to secure your mobile infrastructure is more pronounced than ever. So what are the vulnerabilities your business faces from an unprotected lost or stolen device? How does Mobile Device management (MDM) help an organization secure its assets and curtail costs? Why is centralized over-the-air capability so key? These, and such other top-of-mind questions are addressed in an interview with Andrew Borg, Research Director of the Mobility Center of Excellence Communications, Aberdeen Group. In this insightful podcast, Borg also explains how best-in-class businesses achieve peak performance and slash costs from their mobility investments.

Take home the valuable recommendations Borg makes. And learn why it’s crucial for your mobile infrastructure to be as secure, compliant, and performance-optimized as all of your other IT assets.