What does mobility in the new normal mean for your business? It means you’ll need to keep up with employees, customers, and suppliers in new ways you may have never before imagined.  Driven by trends such as BYOD and mobile convergence, this consumer-driven phenomenon offers enterprises many new opportunities, but also presents several new challenges, particularly in the areas of data security and support costs.

Join us for an in-depth discussion of the benefits and challenges posed by this IT transformation now occurring in enterprises across the globe. Experts from Gartner and AT&T will provide insights and advice on how your enterprise can use mobility to drive productivity, attract and retain talent, and create value across your organization.

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Mobility in the new normal means keeping up with employees, customers, and suppliers in ways that were never before imagined. And driving this transition are trends like BYOD, and Mobile Convergence into everyday tasks. Like social tools, this consumer-driven demand for mobile transformation is flowing across every aspect of the desktop and digital business plans. What’s driving this demand? What are the new requirements and key focus areas that IT must plan for? And how can working closely with business partners to scope areas of priority and a fast return on investment help you assess back end readiness for new device and application access, security, voice, and data convergence? In this presentation, we’ll explore those questions and more with leading experts from Gartner and AT&T. They’ll offer advice on how legacy modernization plans can leapfrog to mobility with the help of unified communication and fixed mobile convergence technologies.