There have been few developments to match social media for bringing disruptive change to enterprise IT. Importantly, this is not just about marketing. Departments, divisions and entire sectors – from government to finance, healthcare to retail – have become social. What’s more, social business is becoming mainstream and this is just the beginning.

Social is changing everything

The scope and scale of social engagement is exploding offering exciting new ways of interacting between companies, partners and customers. As a result, we’re seeing widespread new initiatives including:

  • Major businesses are delivering new value added content and services to their small business clients
  • An increased use of video and photo sharing together with badges and leaderboards (termed gamification) to incentivize action
  • Twitter programs delivering enhanced customer service and support

These, and a multitude of other new approaches, are placing an ever-increasing strain on today’s IT departments as they race to keep up with this rapidly evolving area.

Get the inside track

Watch the videocast: The New IT Agenda and learn:

  • How today’s CIOs must adapt
  • The key imperatives that should be on your agenda
  • Actionable recommendations on how to thrive in the new IT normal