Want to boost security within your enterprise? Let’s get started with a fun pop quiz.

Data is:

(a)  Information, sometimes represented by a string of ones and zeros

(b)  A character from Star Trek

(c)  Money

If you guessed “money,” then you’re on the same page with Michael Suby, Vice President of Research at Frost & Sullivan.

“You need to treat your important data like money,” Suby says. “If you think in these terms, whoever possesses the data – whether legitimately or illegitimately – has the power to spend this currency.”

Just how do you treat your digital assets like gold bars without trapping them behind the granite walls of Fort Knox? Suby explains how to manage security around data-as-currency in this brief video, “Transforming the Enterprise Security Practice.” He discusses how to boost your security practice and keep data in trusted hands while also allowing it to flow freely among people, systems, and applications.

In Suby’s words, “Valuable data can’t be locked away in a vault and still serve the needs of business.”

For a deep dive on how to turbo-charge the security process, download the accompanying white paper, “Transforming the Enterprise Security Practice.”

How is your organization balancing the value of your data assets against the need for security?