Legacy IT systems were not designed for the kind of demands put on organizations today and won’t take organizations into the future. In this Webinar, analyst firm Gartner discusses the “new normal” in IT and how to get started in your own transformation as an agent of change for your business

Across the organizational landscape, leaders are looking to add value,  particularly in the areas of agility, productivity, responsiveness and supporting analytics. Analysts say now is the time for IT to engage more deeply than ever.  Download and listen to learn how to join the IT transformation that is happening now.

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In the next 3-5 years, we expect substantial changes to information technology (IT) as we know it, establishing almost a ‘New IT Normal’ where IT is going to transition from being principally back office efficiency and integrity focused, to being much more focused on the front office of the enterprise, driving enterprise effectiveness and agility. This is going to present new and interesting challenges for CIOs as the things that have been done in the past to become very successful will not translate well into the new normal.