Have you ever asked or even tried to figure, “What’s my cell number worth?”  Go ahead, think about it and try to figure it out.

After 8 years in Chicago, in addition to her local cell number, my wife still holds onto her Northern Virginia 703 area-code number. She does this because she feels that the alternate area code — 571 — just doesn’t sound like a Northern Virginia area code. It pains me to say that we’ve ‘invested’ $2,880 over the past 96 months to hold onto the 10 digit number. But to my wife, that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what it’s worth.  Meanwhile, I’ve grown very attached to my 312 area code in Chicago.  For me it gives me a sense of pride: “Yes, I live in downtown Chicago”.

Years ago we’d throw around cell numbers like they were calling cards. If you needed a discounted new phone price, were moving to a new location or changing carriers, most people said, “Sure I’ll take a new phone number.”

Once number portability became possible, mobile cell numbers began to become indispensable. Employees started to protect their cell numbers, because they could. I know many organizations that would not discuss BYOD because they didn’t want to fight their employee base about giving up their personal phone numbers. Many employees would rather pay their own $100+ work cell invoice than sign the rights to their number over to the organization.

Now, there may finally be a resolution that can appease both sides.  With the latest release of AT&T Toggle you can have two phone numbers on one device: One distinct work number that the organization pays for and retains, and a personal number over which the employee maintains total responsibility.  Think about that – two phone numbers – on the same device!  So if I am using my dedicated work number, the call charges go to work, and if I am using my coveted personal number, those charges go against my personal bill. And the dual numbers just scratches the surface when it comes to the list of new features the solution provides.

Before your company and your employees disagree about number ownership, take a look at AT&T Toggle. And don’t forget to tell me, what’s your cell number worth to you right now?