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Absent from last week’s much-lauded launch of Apple’s new iPad was a serious discussion around how small business will best be able to take advantage of its new features. While the majority of people have heard all about the Retina Display, it isn’t a feature that will make sense as a game-changer until you actually get your hands (and eyes!) on one.

But some other features will really effect how you do business on the go. Here’s 3 that I think will majorly change the way you and your org need to think in terms of adopting the new iPad.

1. 4G LTE

The fact that the new iPad has an ultra-fast cellular antenna may not seem like a game changer. That is, of course, until you discover just how fast 4G LTE is. Unlike 3G where you’re CONSTANTLY waiting for content to load and then… it appears… so… slowly… is… it… done… yet… 4G LTE has already finished loading that HD video, downloaded all of your email, and even responded to your niece on Facebook!


Okay, it doesn’t do that last one, but the fact is LTE is as speedy or even speedier than your Cable Internet at home, according to my testing. This means that you can be more productive on the go and really take advantage of the video and audio recording. The sharing capabilities of the new iPad are great.  It is a smooth experience browsing the web, downloading, and responding to action items at lightning pace. It’s like going from a Pinto to a Lamborghini. LTE is just that fast.

2. HD Video recording and Display

You might say that consuming and recording video has nothing to do with your business. Maybe your only outreach to customers is via text updates on Twitter, Facebook, and your blog. Unfortunately, your customers will soon realize you’re a dinosaur.

By the end of 2012, 50% of online traffic will be people watching online video. That’s just the direction the web is heading.  The new iPad will be the premiere device for creating and consuming HD video content in 2012.  Why?  The  HD recording, editing, and viewing capabilities on the new iPad, as well as the amazing iMovie editing suite make it the perfect tool for video.

3.  Working on Charts, Graphs, and Presentations in HD

 The new iWork suite will enable you to produce pie charts, graphs, and even presentations that are light-years beyond those your desktop-bound competitors are creating. The new beyond-HD Retina display resolution gives you the ability to create competition-crushing presentations that will dazzle!

With AirPlay integration, you can wirelessly beam and control presentations to a television or projector connected to an Apple TV.  This can be for presentations that you control live from your new iPad as you work the room, instead of being stuck behind the lecturn. If that doesn’t impress your clients, then you probably need a new business model!

That’s just my opinion–what do you think about the new iPad? Will it transform the way you do business?