Are you looking for ways to add value to your brand image and grab your customers’ attention? In a previous blog, I talked about using a tagline as a way to increase brand awareness.  Another way is having your own business logo.

Like me, you probably use the Internet to search for practically everything. Whether you’re looking for information or to purchase something, you’ve been to lots of business websites seeking an answer to your current question.  You have probably seen many business websites that have professionally-created logo designs.  Have you seen businesses that use a stock image to represent their products or services?   Some businesses use a picture of the person as their logo (mainly those sites where the person’s first and last name is the website name.) While all of these logo variations are truly acceptable, a professionally-designed logo speaks volumes about your passion for your business success and what your business represents.

Combining your logo with a tagline

Your logo is a commitment to both you and your customers. You can build on your tagline foundation by adding another layer to enhance your brand image:  your unique business logo.

Together, your tagline and logo make an awesome duo:

  • They help you stay focused and consistent with what your brand represents.
  • They can improve your marketing assets and provide your business with a professional image.
  • They are two essentials to include on your website, letterhead, business cards, etc.

They can be key tools to help explain what your business is all about.

Bring your logo to life

Below are some points to help bring your logo to life.  To get started, think about what your brand stands for, your business identity and incorporate the following components:


What are your core business values?  Write down and describe three unique values. For example: customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, quality services, creative products, etc.

2. Voice

What is the message/voice that would define your business style?  Create a list of three to five unique adjectives.  For example, is your tone of voice professional, friendly, motivational, trendy, silly, simple, or elegant?  What other words describe your business?

3. Placement

Where do you want to use your logo? For example, is it going on all of your marketing materials?  Consider business cards, brochures, and your website, posters, t-shirts or coffee mugs. Write down where you would want to use your logo; planning ahead will help the designer in creating the size and shape of the logo.

4. Purpose

Does your business have a mission statement? It could be derived from your tagline or it can complement your tagline. Having a single sentence purpose/statement is very important because it provides you and the designer a clear focus of where you want the direction of your brand to go.  If you are a florist, your mission statement can be:  I want to bring a smile into every home for major holidays with my creative flower arrangements sold at reasonable prices.

If you choose to invest in a professionally-designed logo, you’ll be building brand equity for your business. A logo provides an established and successful look that shows your customers and prospects that you plan to stay in business.  When used with your tagline, you create a solid foundation for creating your distinctive business brand image.

Do you have a logo for your business? Has it helped you to establish your brand image?