Have you been toying with adding SMS (texting) to your marketing mix, but are wondering how best to do it?  Quick Answer: Solve a problem for your customer and it will garner you the best results.

Here’s an example that we can all relate to:  You leave your house mid-morning to run errands, only to find that about three hours later you’re famished, but don’t know where to go nearby to grab a bite to eat.  Making matters worse, you dig into your purse or pocket, only to come up with $2.73 in change. Yikes! Feed me now! But where? And with such limited funding!

Well, as luck might have it, you recently signed up for SMS alerts from your favorite eatery, and they proactively sent you a quick message shortly before noon, with a fabulous offer plus the address and directions to their nearby location on 5th and Main.  Now you, your stomach, and your wallet are happy and your opinion of that eatery has been elevated because they solved multiple problems for you.

Presenting a customer with a promise of special offers can often get them to opt-in to receive your SMSs. But you’ll be most successful when you send that SMS in a targeted manner.  Send them that SMS when they’re near your location.  Send them that SMS on a specific day or time that’s likely pertinent to your customer’s situation.  Send them an offer for something they’ve “liked” in the past.  Send them the exact location and directions to get to you, so they don’t have to even think about it.  In short:  solve their problem. Make it easy for them to do business with you.

The beauty of this problem-solving for your customers, fellow marketer, is that by targeting your marketing in this way, you’ll be solving your own problems as well. You’ll be getting an amazingly low cost per exposure, you won’t be wasting your marketing dollars on customers who aren’t likely to purchase from you,  and you’ll likely enjoy a greater number of conversions than many other forms of marketing you can use.  Another key point to note: unlike many other mobile marketing solutions: 98% of all wireless phones can accept SMS messages, whereas other solutions and apps require smartphones and data plans, which a much lower percentage of customer have.  Now that’s a win-win of problem solving for SMS!

How have you used SMS successfully in your marketing efforts? Have you helped solve a customer’s problem? Please share your ideas, we’d love to hear from you.