It doesn’t matter what the size of the business; a Web presence provides benefits for all companies.  No one who visits a website knows if a business has 1, 10, or 20 employees.  Perhaps you think your current customers wouldn’t look for your website, but don’t forget new customers.  When consumers are searching the Web for a product or service, wouldn’t you like your business to be among their choices?

You may have heard the usual reasons to have a website, such as “everyone has one” or “to be competitive.”  I know that the goal of a website is helping customers, so when you build it that should be your intention.  Have you considered the benefits it can provide to you?  I thought of five benefits that I consider key advantages a website can deliver to your business.

  1. It can save you money.  Add your Web address to your business cards and use your website as your advertising vehicle instead of only sending mailers to homes.  You can even upload those mailers to your website! Collect email addresses on your website and create customer lists to send monthly newsletters or special announcements.  Marketing messages targeted to specific customers are easier and quicker to update from your website than from a printed flyer.
  2. It can help you find new customers. A website provides a cost-effective way to find new customers who often search online for what they need first.  Search engine optimization, keywords, and other marketing tools help you extend your local reach. You can have customers who are located in distant towns, cities, states, or anywhere.  Have on-the-go customers? Including a mobile website component can further expand your new customer market.  Make it convenient for visitors to learn about your business whenever it is convenient for them. It doesn’t have to be limited to when you are open for business.
  3. It can save you time. Many website plans have a  template gallery to help you easily design your website.  Reduce your time on the phone or email answering routine questions by creating a page about frequently asked questions.  A website provides a useful way to add your hours, phone, email, or your local address.  A website is a tool that can help you receive feedback from your customers, or quickly address concerns or questions and satisfy the customer.  Today many website plans offer tools to manage your social media from one place. This saves you time logging into them separately.
  4. It can position you as an authority in your industry.  Become a value-added expert by posting information with how-to guides, such as advice on how to care for your products, or useful facts, tips, trends, things to avoid, what’s new, etc.  Your website can be an easily accessible resource of information for customers. Without a website, where could you store such valuable information with easy access for your customers?
  5. It is easy to track and trend results. With a website, you will have web analytics tools so you can effortlessly view visitor counts and purchases and track them daily, weekly, or monthly.  The results will help you identify trends to maintain or areas to improve so you can make adjustments to your website.  For example, notice a low visitor day? Then perhaps have a special day of the week geared to increasing traffic and sales.

A website offers you certain advantages that you may not otherwise have access to, such as tools to create visitor polls or online surveys.  These tools can help you find out what is on your customers’ minds. Their input can provide valuable insight on what to do to keep customers returning. How else and at what cost would you be able to get this information without a website?   

I hope that you keep your website fresh and updated and take advantage of the tools your website plan can offer you.  The website plan benefits list keeps growing as website plans continue to include more tools, widgets, and features to help you be successful.

What benefits have you found from having your business website?