Telepresence has emerged as a unique communications and collaboration experience, built around high-definition audio and video. MPLS is the premier choice of underlying network for supporting remote, life-size sessions in enterprises planning to set up meetings with multiple sites, whether internally with colleagues or externally with business partners.

The telepresence application makes users feel like they\’re in the same room with remote meeting participants as they talk and interact.† Instead of having to build a great many point-to-point connections between any two pairs of sites that might want to collaborate using telepresence, at a huge expense, enterprises can instead use MPLSís cloud-like architecture, which supports high-speed, any-to-any meshed connections for both internal and external meetings. MPLS also has the strong quality of service (QoS) capabilities necessary to allow the telepresence application to perform reliably in real time. Listen to the podcast to learn more.