As IT agility becomes more important, enterprises must work closely with business partners to deliver services faster than ever. But what options do you have for cloud services that can help you determine where you sit in transforming your operational model?

Cloud is one way to deliver more IT without additional cost, says Gartner in this online IT briefing. Other questions to consider: Will the concept of virtual applications and infrastructure gain momentum for its promise to provide a unique combination of expense management and infrastructure elasticity? How can IT leaders prepare good answers to management’s inevitable questions about security and dependability in the cloud? In this program,  Gartner and AT&T answer those questions and help you determine the best solution for your needs.

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There’s internal pressure on IT, and cloud has the potential to help them with some of the challenges they face. Namely, ‘how do I deliver IT, more quickly, for the same or less money?’ So, if you look at the external pressure that they face in terms of their competitors looking at cloud, exploring new opportunities to deliver IT more quickly, and also the internal pressure that almost every CIO feels, which is: ‘there is too much demand for IT and I can’t meet it all,’ it’s not hard to see why almost all organizations are taking this very seriously and really looking at it. And, they’re doing more than just looking, they’re actually starting to deploy and in some cases they’ve moved quite rapidly to the cloud.