As organizations become increasingly adept at doing more with less, Unified Communications has emerged as a game-changing platform that supports streamlined internal and external communications while enabling significant improvements in productivity and collaboration. With UC, organizations can now launch multiple communication and collaboration modalities—everything from instant messaging and voice to email and real-time video conferencing—from a single interface.

Discover the transformative role UC is now playing in various industries and across lines of business, along with specific case examples, in our on-demand webinar, “UC—More Than Just ‘IM.’”

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Unified Communications has immediate benefits in terms of productivity and efficiency for user communications. UC can provide immediate access to the people and information we need in order to be most effective. And it can do so across many types of devices, including PCs and laptops, smartphones and tablets, desktop IP phones and others. Your UC strategy should be a living, breathing document that should be revisited at a minimum annually, or when significant business imperatives dictate such is the case.