Every business has a name, but not every business has a tagline.  A tagline is another way you can communicate your business to your customers. It’s more than a slogan, as it helps reinforce your product or service.

A good tagline is a marketing tool that not many small businesses take advantage of; yet, it is a mainstay for larger corporations.  A tagline is another way a customer can associate your business with you as it gives your business personality. Take advantage of a tagline and consider it another way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Here are six tips to writing an effective tagline:

1. Keep it short. It should be brief, up to 5 or 6 words at most. You want it to be easily remembered by those you want as your customers.

2. Convey a key benefit. Avoid using your business name.  It should reflect what your business is about or a key benefit that you would like everyone to remember.

3. Make it meaningful. Your tagline needs to be meaningful and appropriate to your specific customers and not necessarily be universally recognizable or applicable. Differentiate you from your competitors.

4. Think simple. Simple and sincere will help your tagline to be recalled by your clients. It does not have to be clever. Think of it as an additional way for you to leave an impression with potential and existing customers.

5. Test the waters.  Ask your friends or family before you invest resources in implementing your tagline.  Seek out opinions to determine if it truly fits your business.

6. Use it consistently and constantly.  Once you have created your tagline, use it whenever possible.  Many website templates like ours have the option to add a tagline in their website tool builder.  It usually is positioned below your company name.  Add your tagline to your business cards, logo, email marketing campaigns, marketing materials, your signature and advertising.

This CNN article on trademarks talks about some additional considerations to look at before bringing your tagline to the marketplace. Remember, creating a tagline can be a valuable asset to your business. It can help customers understand what your business does and provide a unique selling proposition of what you do best. As your business grows and changes, your tagline can change with it.

Do you have a tagline? I’d love to know what it is. Share it with us in comments.