Barb Jones Mobility Marketing Director AT&T
As a Director of Mobility Marketing at AT&T, Barbara is well-versed in the rapidly increasing array of mobile solutions that marketers can use as well as how best to leverage them to develop highly effective mobile marketing campaigns.  She finds this area of marketing of particular interest because she believes it to be the most targeted and fastest growing way in which companies can market their products and services.   Barbara has even directed her team to use some of these solutions (SMS/MMS, Short Code Polling, 2D Barcodes) to communicate with the internal AT&T sales organizations. Barbara earned her MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, with a concentration in marketing, entrepreneurship, and technology, and holds a bachelor’s degree from Purdue University. Barbara lives in Chicago, IL and in her free time enjoys painting, running, reading, sewing and working out.

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