Bill Strawderman B2B Digital Marketing and Social Media Former Executive Director AT&T
Bill Strawderman spent the majority of his B2B marketing career following his passion for creating ideas that matter, and making them more approachable. Since 2008, Bill had been evolving AT&T’s idea platforms to become more accessible, relevant and trustworthy. To Strawderman, who has an MBA from Rutgers Graduate School of Management, digital marketing is the perfect canvas to practice what he terms “constructive disruption”-- a management philosophy that continuously seeks out improvement potential, even if things appear to be working right. He’s especially juiced by the opportunity social presents to constructively disrupt the relationship between customers and brands. On a personal level, Bill has immersed himself in becoming a part of the digital landscape. Despite a slow start, he has enjoyed building his Marketing Bard persona through creative writing, connecting with smart and interesting people, and voraciously learning new things. While Bill pretends that he’s a digital native, he understands that social is not a sport that you can coach effectively from the sidelines. Bill cites the AT&T Networking Exchange Blog as one of the “coolest” things he has had the privilege to lead in his professional career.  Besides giving his AT&T colleagues a rich tapestry on which to paint their expertise in a distinctly personal manner, he and his team were part of a vibrant social learning community known as the AT&T Networking Leaders Academy. Strawderman lives in New Jersey with a family life that revolves around school, athletic and church events.  An athlete in his own right, Strawderman likes to run short distances and is increasingly haunted by the knowledge that his sons will soon be fast enough to eclipse his better 5K race times.

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