Brian Lee Principal Technical Architect AT&T

As Principal Technical Architect at AT&T, Brian Lee brings a genuine passion for technology and innovation to his job, taking on the challenges of architecture design, prototyping and technical research for mission critical applications and operations. As an innovative designer of solutions, Brian is also active in innovation ideation, focusing on solutions for the connected consumer cloud.

When AT&T technicians come to your house they’re able to install and maintain services for their customers using a mission critical application, re-designed for the web by Brian and his team of architects. In an environment where minutes equal millions, the application demands 99.99% uptime as AT&T’s 30,000 technicians rely on it to serve customers 24/7/365. As part of a recent overhaul, the mission critical ++ system was enhanced with new features and architectural design elements along with a new streamlined user interface designed by Brian and team.

A technophile throughout his career, Brian has established a record of success in roles from developer, architect to executive and has maintained proficiencies across the spectrum. Before coming to AT&T in 2002, he was development manager, then director of advanced technology for Resource Information Management Systems, which was the nation's largest provider of automated claims processing technology for healthcare benefits administrators. Reporting directly to the CTO, Brian was instrumental in leading the technology transformation of its legacy applications to a cloud-based ASP model (Application Service Provider or Software as a Service). RIMS emerged as a leading vertical ASP provider by completely revamping the technology that supported the company’s claims adjudication software. The transformation was a resounding success and RIMS was acquired by Trizetto Healthcare shortly thereafter.

A natural entrepreneur and innovator, Brian founded SoftTech, Inc., a software company, when he was in his early twenties, and launched ZonataLife, a think tank performing technology research and advocacy on topics relating to the cloud connected consumer. Brian is also an inventor of advanced technical solutions including three patent pending applications designed to minimize outage duration incorporating context-aware visuals, artificial intelligence and intuitive navigation. These allow users of any skill set to quickly pinpoint and resolve complex hardware and software issues in production, enabling faster restoration times of critical business services.

Brian’s views have made their way into articles on sites like Information Week and Linux Today, and he feels the best value he brings to AT&T is his ability to leverage his passion for technology and draw upon his experience and success in the roles that he’s held, and apply it holistically towards the opportunities and challenges presented in each project, application or innovative design. As an illustration of his approach, he cites a quote from the movie “The Matrix.” As the character Neo attempts to bend a spoon with his mind, his teacher instructs him to instead realize the truth. “There is no spoon.”  In other words, conventional rules and thinking don’t necessarily apply – look past the problem and typical solutions. Imagination and the creative use of technology will allow you to innovate far beyond the original problem while arriving at a more satisfying user experience.

Also a lover of music, Brian is a singer, songwriter and recording artist who’s single, “I Believe,” debuted at number three on the Contemporary Christian Rock charts at Reverbnation. He lives just outside Chicago.

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